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Enjoy the solarium Ergoline Classic 600 Ultra Turbo Power:

- 50 lamps x 160W
- face lamps 4 x 300/500W
- neck tanners 5 x 25W
- air-conditioning

Bronzing lamps SunLife 2,6% Bronze LongLife! sol1.jpg

Sunbaths are favourite leisure activities. Sun is not our enemy. Without the sun rays body would not be able to produce vitamin D, which is responsible for the condition of bones and teeth. Light has a beneficial effect on your mind too – it restores good mood and makes you feel happy. So it is worth to take advantage of sunbed Ergoline Turbo located in Fitness Klub Multifit. Lamps of this device emite UV radiation in safe amounts: they do not cause sunburns. Enjoy beautiful tan!

There are also situations where solarium is even recommended. For example, if mid-winter or spring holidays are planned in a different climate zone. In this case it is recommended to get pale skin used to the sun, properly dosing UV radiation. 10 sessions in 3 weeks are sdvisable - that way protective stratum corneum is created.




How often and how long to tan?

Just like with a natural sunlight, it depends on skin type. In case of sensitive skin tanning in solarium should start from 5-7 minutes and progresively increase to 15 minutes. With lightly tanned skin, you can start with 7-10 minutes and extend the sessions to 15-20 minutes. Experience shows that interval between sessions should be 2-3 days, in that way you'll get a good result of sunbathing.





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