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Most people who have ever tried sauna, will gladly return. Hot air purifies body of toxins and waste products of metabolism, improves efficiency, has salutory effect on nervous system and mental health of people in all ages. 'Bath' in hot air and after that cooling shower, regenerates life processes of the body and increases immunity. Sauna treatment improves blood circulation and consequently supplies blood to all organs (heart, lungs, kidneys), thus improves the metabolism.

How often should I vistit sauna?

Once a week is minimum, because the biological regeneration with hot baths have beneficial effects on human body and should become form of leisure. The best results can be obtained using both dry sauna and steam bath. They differ mainly in temperature and humidity levels. To get perfect effect on treatments it is best to combine different types of saunas with motor activity: physical activity and then moment of relaxation in sauna.

Our club offers following types of saunas:

  • dry sauna – very high temperature 90-100 C, which is easy to bear because of low humidity of the air 3-10% It works harder because of high thermal shock, but it is also a greater burden for body. Sessions in this type of sauna are recommended especially for athletes training intensively and physically tired people, because it quickly „puts one on his feet”;
  • wet sauna – temperature 70 – 90 C and humidity 15-30%;
  • steam bath – temperature is about 65 C and humidity about 15-30% can be used without restrictions;
  • herbal sauna-steam – temperature 45-65C and humidity 45-65%; it involves the use of essential oils for aromatherapy and inhalation, which intensify the action of relaxation and enhances the effectiveness of the inhalation of the respiratory system.

Beneficial effects of using sauna:

  • improvement of resistance to infection,
  • prevention of infections,
  • removing toxins,
  • improvement of metabolism (supports weight loss),
  • relaxing muscles,
  • pain relief,
  • stimulating effect on glands,
  • antidepressant action,
  • skin cleansing.


  • acute sickness,
  • cardiovascular disease with organic changes in myocardium,
  • diseases with organic changes of internal organs,
  • cancer
  • mycosis
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