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Psychodiet advices

Psychodietetics consultations - we invite you to take advantage of the advice of Janetta Sidoruk, a psychodietitian who cooperates with us. A significant reduction or increase in body weight is a complicated process which depends to a large extent on psychological factors, therefore it is easier to go through the process with the help of a specialist. Research results indicate that having knowledge of the principles of good nutrition is not enough to implement these principles in practice. Good intentions are not enough either, and high motivation is not always associated with success in this area. That is why we invite you to take advantage of the advice of Janetta Sidoruk, a psychodietetics specialist, who deals with people who are overweight, obese, have eating disorders and diet-related diseases, e. g.: Hashimoto, insulin resistance, rheumatoid arthritis, reflux, intestinal diseases. This cooperation will have one goal: to return your body to its optimum state, to believe in yourself, to develop new habits, then to create a proper nutrition plan so that food becomes a pleasure and does not evoke constant sacrifices. In order to lose weight or gain weight in an intended way, it is important to know that the beginning is not in the refrigerator or stomach, but in our head.

Janetta Sidoruk - graduate of Psychodietetics at the University of Social Psychology in Warsaw, for over 20 years actively involved in the subject of dietetic issues and various forms of physical activity. Through regular participation in specialist workshops / scientific conferences, she constantly broadens her knowledge of psychodietetics. On a daily basis she conducts consultations in her Fitness Club Pretty Woman at Zeromski Street 1A lok. 8U.

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