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Offer for companies

In today's economy, care for health and well being of employees as part of personal menagement becomes a key to the increased efficiency and competitiveness of enterprise, image improvement and financial savings. That corresponds well with the Fitness Klub Multifit main objective which is a promotion of active recreation and healthy lifestyle. The most attractive offer is addressed to institutions and companies which want to take care of their employees and promote an active lifestyle among them.

Reasons why you should buy memberships to the Fitness Klub Multifit for your employees:

  • When an employee receives a membership to the fitness club from his employer it is treated as a distinction and reward, which makes conection with the company stronger. This is a great way to motivate and retain employees quality and continuosly improve their effectiveness.
  • The membership is an investment in employee's health. Employee feels that company cares about him and thinks about him in long run (no need to say about added benefits for the company – reduction in sickness absence level and lower levels of so-called ineffective presence in workplace).
  • Improving well-being of the employee results in the reduction of stress levels and a sence of pressure at work, it also reduces conflicts in team, which greatly improves the atmposphere in the company.
  • The common practicing in the fitness club is also an excellent form of employees integration.

   Studies conducted for the National Institute of Health show that over 78% of companies which have decided to buy memberships to fitness clubs on regular basis for their employees, reported improvement in their results. This approach is applied by international companies such as Toyota, which in the search for the increase in labour productivity, pay attention to the employee's health condition. Too high absence and declining efficiency of individuals, became the direct cause of starting active health programms. Companies in Poland are increasingly turning to this form of rewarding employees. In Białystok there are many institutions and enterprises purchasing Fitness Klub Mulitfit memberships.

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