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Areobics - group activities

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Regular aerobic training increases the body's natural immunity to infection, oxygenates it, improves absorption of oxygen and utilization of calcium, thus preventing osteoporosis, activates natural defense system against free radicals, prevents loss of firmness of the body. It's an excellent way to lose weight and shape the body. When choosing the kind of aerobic classes it is very important to answer the question what we want to achieve: to keep fit, get relaxed or lose weight.

Areobic classes area in Fitness Klub Multifit is full of life 7 days a week from early hours till late evening.Excellent conditions to exercise provide:


  • air-conditioned room with an effective ventilation system
  • special non-slip and shock protected floor-covering provides comfort and protects the joints.
  • lots of additional equipment: body balls, easy balls, reebok steps, tubings, ankle weights, Spanish mats 'Pavi Gym' with antybacterial protection system, gymsticks, special blankets, straps and wooden blocks for yoga classes.

There are various types of aerobic classes. That corresponds to the capabilities of beginners and ambitions of more advanced practitioners. In fact, there are plenty of divisions and types of aerobics. Arobic classes held in Fitness Klub Multifit are being chosen in large part baseing on the opinion of practitioners: ranging from exercices that require less effort, but still effective such as streching / yoga to very intensive forms such as step.

PILATES – "BODY BALANCE" - system of purposeful movements, breath control, striving for harmony, strength improvement and body flexibility. Pilates strengthens abdominals, lower back, buttocks, builds very strong center as a base for each movement. Instructors constantly impose abdominals and buttocks tension. Pilates technique requires precision and control, continuous operation of many muscle groups. Pilates firmly works deep in body searching isolated muscles, discovers them and corrects imbalances. Pilates is used in theraphy as an excellent complement in rehabilitation. Added attractions are elements of yoga, conducted in choreographic systems. Such exercises are intended to cardiovascular system as well as toning increasing flexibility, strengthening body, shaping belly and waist at the same time working on sculpture of entire body.

STRETCHING/JOGA - modern form of motion designed to unblock energy channels, delivering vitality. Working on increasing range of motion in joints, muscles and tendon lengthening, proper conducting of breathing phases.

SLIMMING GYMNASTICS FOR EVERYONE - mixed set of exercises designed to slim figure and strengthen individual body muscles. During the classes we improve condition and coordination. Form of exercises adressed particularly to persons with overweight and spine problems, the elderly, not keen on choreography.

BUP - abdominals, thighs, buttocks – form of weight training strengthening the relevant parts of muscles. Fat burning in locations where it is usually stored. Streching exercises.

AEROBIC CIRCUIT TRAINING (ACT) - is based on aerobic exercises with or without weights. The aim is to lose excessive fat, model the figure, increase strength and endurance.

REEBOOK BAR - Maximum of activites intensity. It is a combination of endurance and strength traning. Helps to trim the figure, increases general strength and stamina, with no apparent effect on the size of the muscles. This type of aerobic classes is the fastest and the most effective way to get in shape. According to scientific research, increased metabolism follows this type of classes for as long as 12 hours.

STEP - involves the use of an elevated platform (the step). The height can be tailored to individual needs by inserting risers under the step. Practicioners step rhythmically first one foot then the other on top of the step and then stepping the first foot and then the other back to the floor. Steps are arranged in sequence, so exercise are not monotonous. Step requires good movement coordination and sense of rythm. During exercise the height of step is dependent on condition and the level of the sequence of steps advancement. The results: neat thighs and firm buttocks.

INTERVALL AEROBIC - alternatively combining hight intensity aerobic type 'hi-lo' and strengthening exercises (body sculpt) of low intensity. The advantage is performing more physical work at the same time. Improves condition, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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