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Personal training

Personal training


Personal training is an individual cooperation with a trainer whose task is to create an optimal and the most effective workout routine, in order to achieve the results you dream of. Personal training is a guarantee to gain desired goals fast and safely.
The trainer will help you set a goal, will identify your capabilities, and will lay out the assumptions over predicted time. Therefore, the trainer must get to know you better. Every cooperation starts with a detailed interview, concerning the state of your health, diet, workout preferences, level of motivation. On the basis of the examination with the assistance of the medical body composition analyzer IOI 353 and the hospital blood pressure monitor FT-500 the trainer will take into account the results of these measurements, determining the condition of your body in order to construct both an optimal training routine and a recommended diet.

Who Needs Personal Trainer?

Personal training is absolutely for everyone. Trainer will help a beginner who doesn't know how and where to start with exercises. He will be helpful to someone who represents a higher level by assigning new goals and showing unknown techniques and exercises. Personal training is a good proposition for people who delay to make a decision about starting exercises as well as for those who have been training but never gained desired condition.

Individual sessions with a trainer are the perfect solution for those who need very specific pro-health exercises: to strengthen the muscles along the spine, correct defects of posture or exercises, helping in rehabilitation after some injuries. Personal training is advised to elderly people and pregnant women, where extreme attention has to be paid to the intensity of training, but also to all who are coming back to workouts after a long break – individual work with a trainer will help to get back in shape faster. It is an ideal option for those who haven't got enough time and motivation, don't believe in themselves and they doubt in gaining desired condition.

Multiple Workout Goals …

So many training goals – so many possible solutions. Please see below some samples of various personal workouts our trainers have prepared:
  • slim and sculpt the figure workout – decreasing fat tissue, firming your body
  • slim and prevent from obesity workout
  • 60+ workout – training sessions for Seniors: “Stop the time…”
  • stature improvement workout – strong & healthy back
  • workout to strengthen stamina and condition
  • workout designed for pregnant women
  • preventive training for children, addressed to children above 6 years old (childhood obesity, defects of posture)
  • workout to build up muscle strength and bulk
  • functional workout – presently the most modern concept form of physical training
  • workout to stretch and improve your flexibility
  • specialized workout e.g.
    - preparing for skiing season
    - training sessions taking into account the specificity of the given sport, e.g. martial arts, triathlon, etc.
    - preparation for physical exams: to uniformed services, to the Academy of Physical Education, etc.
  • rehabilitation (in cooperation with a physiotherapist)
  • dietary advice (additional consultations with a dietician possible)

Personal Training Rules

  • You can buy a single personal training session or a package of personal training sessions only if you are a member of Fitness Klub Multifit with a valid membership or if you buy a single entry to the club each time you are going to have a personal training session
  • Personal training session can only take place when a single session or package of personal training sessions has been paid at the reception of Fitness Klubu Multifit.
  • Purchased training sessions are valid throughout 30 consecutive days since the day of purchase.
  • Club Member / Guest arranges personal training session directly with a personal trainer or at the reception of Fitness Klub Multifit by choosing a date and time of the training.
  • Personal training session lasts no longer than 75 minutes. In case the time limit is exceeded, additional fee for each subsequent started 15 minutes of training will be charged in accordance with the currently applicable price list.
  • Personal training session can be cancelled with no consequences for both parties unless cancellation is made 24 hours in advance.
  • When a Club Member / Guest cancels training session less than 24 hours before arranged time, personal training session will be credited as carried-out.
  • When a Club Member / Guest is late for a personal training session, time of the lateness will be deducted from the regular time of the training.
  • If a personal trainer doesn't show up for the session, Club Member / Guest will receive 1 complimentary personal training session.
  • Club Member / Guest must be prepared for the personal training session (session paid, sport clothes, shoes to be changed and sweat towel).
  • Club Member / Guest is obliged to acquaint with Personal Training Rules and must obey them.
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